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Help & FAQ
Here's How it Works!

Watch a quick video to see how easy it is to begin your path to quick AI recovery.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  In real-time.  

Create new patient & pathology

From the Rehab Boost backend - enter your therapist user name and password to access your personalized space. 

Click on the "Add New Patient" button and follow instructions on this video. 

How do I film myself rehabbing?

From the app HOME screen press the begin exercise button, this will launch a new screen with a masked silhouette. Fit your body into mask. Please make sure your full body fills the entire mask. If necessary, move back and forward to make sure you?re in camera range. Just like TikTok or Instagram, make sure the camera detects your full body.

Where do I access my treatment plan?

All your activity is saved and accessible for the rest of your account life! Access your rehab program and progress clicking on the TREATMENT icon found on the bottom menu of the app HOME screen or in your PROFILE section.

Can I personalize my app?

You can personalize all your app preferences by clicking on the Profile section. You can change your profile photo and personal account details such as password and contact information.

How do I delete my profile?

Login to the Rehab Boost APP using your username and password.  Click on your profile (icon on the bottom right of the app home).  Click on the settings icon (on the top right of the app), and click on the "Delete my Profile" section on the dropdown menu.  Enter your password and follow final instructions.  

Is there a cost to download the app?
No. The app is FREE of charge. You may download the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play without cost. All main app features will be included free of charge. Your prescription will be pre-loaded and all Artificial Intelligence analysis features will be available completely free.
How do I add a Rehabilitation Program?

How to quickly assign an existing Rehabilitation Program with just 1-click.  It will instantly populate the treatment plan with different and unlimited phases specifically created and designed by your clinic. 

How to quickly add a treatment plan with a 1-Click Assignment

You can assign a patient treatment plan very quickly and efficiently with just 1-click.  Create the patient, add the recommended treatment plan and it will instantly populate the plan in just seconds. 

How do I create a Rehabilitation Program?

As a therapist, you have the ability to create and customize unlimited Rehabilitation Programs.  Quickly select exercises and phases to create a unique treatment plan.  Unlimited phases specifically created and designed for your clinic. 

How to Create Treatment Plan & Print

After creating a patient, this video shows you how to add a treatment plan and printing it the traditional way.

Physical Therapist Training Demo

Thisvideo reviews various functions on the Rehab Boost platform for the physicaltherapist to utilize when onboarding a patient, assigning pathologies, settingup an exercise program, and for monitoring patient engagement, progress, andself-reports. 

How to Access Patients from another therapist?

Physicaltherapists have the ability to access patients that are not originally on theirpatient caseload as long as the patient is within their organization. Thisallows therapists to treat patients in case another therapist is out sick, theyare working PRN, or treating at another facility. 

Creating a Custom Exercise

How to create a custom exercise available to all clinic members. As a therapist, you have the ability to create and upload unlimited custom exercises on the Rehab Boost platform.  

Rehab Boost AI - RTM Basics for Institutions and Clinicians

Rehab Boost AI presentation on RTM basics for Institutions to monetize leveraging our AI platform and RTM codes. 

REHAB BOOST AI - RTM Dashboard and Reports Generation Tutorial

REHAB BOOST AI RTM Dashboard and Reports Tutorial. 

Instructional video and explanation on how to generate the RTM Reports for Billing RTM codes leveraging the Rehab Boost AI platform.