From any web browser on a computer or tablet, login to: backend.rehabboost.com

Your dashboard will include all active patients, their Rehab Scores and all compliance metrics. To ADD A NEW PATIENT, simply click on the “Add Patient” Button.

Enter required patient information and press “Create Patient and Send Invitation Code” button

You will have created a new patient and generated an “Invitation Code”

Have patient download the Rehab Boost mobile App from the Apple AppStore or Android Store, patient should create an account and point app at the generated “Invitation Code” you just created. Patient can enter the code manually or scan the provided QR code with phone’s camera.

From the Therapist Dashboard, click “Add Pathologies” button. From the patient dashboard, click “Add Pathologies” button.

A drop-down menu will be provided to select desired pathology and treatment plan. Choose Pathology [For example: Shoulder impingement] and press the “Add” button

Choose Exercise [For example: Scaption] and press the SAVE button. Repeat to add as many exercises as you wish and press SAVE after each selection.

Repeat to add as many exercises as you wish and just keep pressing the SAVE icon after each selection

Your treatment plan will be automatically populated in the Patient’s App so patient can begin Artifitial Intelligence Rehabbing anytime, anywhere.